Tactical Knife

Tactical Knife

Wide handle, check.    Wider blade, check.
I'm not sure why they call this design a tactical blade. Or, for that matter, who "they" are. But I have one for you. So feel free to be as tactical as you'd like with your requests on it. As long as I have all my fingers I'll make it happen!

  • Specs

    • Overall Length - 8.6"
    • Blade Length - 4.5"​​​​​​
    • 1095 High Carbon Steel
    • Handle:
      • Hardwood: Maple, Hickory, Etc or some combination of several
  • **Joe's Choice**

    Do you feel like leaving it up to the man in the forge? 

    Leave the handle details and materials of your knife up to Joe and you're guaranteed a visually unique knife at the same price.


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