Hanging Skinner

Hanging Skinner

By far the best seller. Even the UPS delivery guy bought one. Maybe he really likes it or just wants to cut open your packages before delivery. Either way, it hangs around his neck every time I see him. So that makes me happy, or I'm sorry. It honesty doesn't matter to me. Muuaaahahahahaha!!!!
I just checked. I am not an accessory to a crime if your packages are being opened.
  • Specs

    • Overall Length - 4"
    • Blade Length - 1.8"
    • ​​​​​​1095 High Carbon Steel
    • Handle:
      • Hardwood: Maple, Hickory, Etc or some combination of several
  • **Joe's Choice**

    Do you feel like leaving it up to the man in the forge? 

    Leave the handle details and materials of your knife up to Joe and you're guaranteed a visually unique knife at the same price.


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