My dad says...

I don’t care about the labor pains, I just want to hold the baby....

I almost certain that’s how most people feel about their knives. Probably most consumer products in general. I know I used to.

When you pay for your knife, you expect what you paid for. With me, you probably get more. It’s just how I am. In the end, you probably like, maybe even love the new blade and are excited to grip it and twist your wrist around to see what it looks like in your hand. “Hey, check this out!” may be one of the first things you say to someone when you show it off. That’s why You bought it. That’s what you paid for. And why not?! Show that thing off, display it, leave it out when you have friends coming over. Maybe put it a little higher up if kids are around. (No, my lawyer didn’t tell me to say that) But, whatever you do, be proud of it. I know I am.

So when I say you don’t care about the labor pain, I mean you don’t care about the late hours and cuts I endure to make these things. why should you? That what you pay me for. Just hold that baby and enjoy it!!!

Talk to you soon

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