Day One! I’d like to welcome everyone to the first day of Primitive Grind.

Thank you all for the messages and support on the opening day. I’m hoping you’ll enjoy coming back to see the updates and check out the new knives. If you know me, you know I won’t be pretty with my words or flashy. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions on the knives you see. There will be quirks that we will work out as time goes on. The shipping is being fixed for one. I feel it’s time I mention that I’ll be leaving for the month of June to get some things done around the world and improve skills that will help me become a better ....bladesmith / knife maker / blacksmith? I’m not sure what I’m called except busy. Don’t worry, the swag shop will still be open and you can most definitely order your custom knife. Any knives, shirts, stickers, and anything else that pops up on the site that are for sale will still be available and sent to you. Fear not! We got this!!!

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